Thank You, Kind Stranger!

Yesterday I forced myself to drive to town and be a somewhat normal (ha!) human being. I am still recovering mentally from the sudden, extreme mast attack which came out of nowhere the other day and I didn’t really want to go, and didn’t really need to go, but I went anyway.

Because if I don’t make myself do things, I’ll just hide at home where I’m “safe”. Or rather where I can die alone without a gawking crowd gathering to point and stare while filming my last moments for their TikTok. πŸ™„

And I’m so glad I did! I hit the local nursery and bought a bunch of beauties for my empty flower pots…

I stopped by the river and did a bit of reflecting on how wonderful nature is…

Along the trail I found a post-it note that told me I’m loved, which was awfully kind considering whoever wrote it doesn’t even know me.

Like at all. πŸ˜„

It reminded me of the painted rocks I found a few years ago with uplifting messages on them along a hiking trail up by the reservoir…

It actually worked; it did make me smile!

Just knowing that there are people out there who do these little random acts of kindness helps restore my faith in humanity and I’m glad I made myself go. ❀

4 thoughts on “Thank You, Kind Stranger!

    1. We have several although two closest to me have shut down in the last few years. Maybe you need to open one to give Lowes and Wally World some competition! πŸ˜„


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