No Time to Waste!

Fred’s crowing came just before dawn and I tried to get up with the sunrise but Zumi wanted to snuggle longer this morning, which made it really hard to get up and get going…

Unfortunately for her, I don’t have the luxury of lying in bed telling her what a good girl she is all day. I have things to do! 😄

The tulips are all coming in so I’m trying to get their beds weeded and looking good before the irises take over.

I may resort to laying down cardboard to kill everything around them just to make it easier on myself. Since I can’t use any chemicals here and I don’t have the energy to manually pull every single weed, I have to get creative.

So far all my organic, natural methods seem to be working. The roses are blooming and reaching for the sky now…

My wisteria has come back to life after being dormant this winter and I was so happy to see it I let out a little “woo-hoo” when I noticed…

It’s my FOURTH attempt at wisteria here so fingers crossed. The fact that it survived not just last summer’s insane heat and drought and the harsh winter gives me hope.

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