All in a Row

Things are growing right along here, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how nice the weather is being considering this is Idaho and spring especially can be quite erratic.

Gardening here definitely has its challenges but I’m happy to report that the asparagus has emerged and although we can’t harvest much of it yet since it’s only the second year since we planted the crowns, it’s nice to see it return. Growing asparagus is definitely a lesson in patience!

The baby basil are ready to be transplanted; I’ve been keeping some in the kitchen window in my little bloom jars but it’s time to trade those out for actual flower blooms from the garden. It’s amazing how quickly everything springs back to life here.

Yesterday I planted more hostas and a row of tulip tree bulbs as well as fifty daffodil bulbs I almost forgot I had. They were sprouting in the bag which is great because it means they’re still alive and I got to them in time.

The girls were making quite the racket when I was out there and when I went to collect eggs I think I know why…

There were only three – a small, a medium and a large. The large one was so big I thought it might be a triple yolker and I knew why there was so much noise, they hurt coming out! Poor thing.

It was a double yolker, and was delicious for my breakfast. I do feel badly that one of them had to suffer on my behalf, though, so I think I’ll go give them all a special treat in return. ☺

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