Yesterday I made more messes than I was able to clean up it seems! Which means today I have more work instead of less. I never seem to get things done but I don’t kick myself for it anymore. I get it. I’m sick and I can’t help it. I do what I can. Blah blah blahhh.

I did get one of the hanging baskets done, so that was an accomplishment. Still, I have so much that should already be done and I hate unfinished business! It’s what drives the undead to roam the earth so it’s kind of important to take care of stuff before it’s too late and I’m doomed to join them.

I would hate to spend eternity fretting over painting the kitchen or raking out the flowerbeds…

I usually do those first, especially this one since it’s right next to the front door. Instead I started in the back with the greenhouse and garden beds and am working my way forward, so it still looks messy out front. The daylilies don’t mind, they’ll just keep filling back in.

Speaking of messy, the sky yesterday looked awful!! Again, bright blue sky turned into crisscross streaks that thinned into a haze that covered everything, including the sun.

I miss clear skies and bright, yellow sunshine but it is what it is. Life has become very messy in this 21st century for us all, hasn’t it.

3 thoughts on “Messy!

  1. Life is messy…..I agree! Don’t be too hard on yourself. I am hard on myself these days and it just makes me feel worse. We really are accomplishing things just maybe not seeing the fruit fast enough.


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