Well That Was Quick

Just like that person who always announces they are leaving and never coming back but then returns five minutes later, here I am. Except I wasn’t leaving for good, I was just supposed to be busy until next Thursday.

That didn’t last long but it’s not my fault. Miss Dakota got fixed and is still healing so I didn’t want to leave her inside alone for too long. She’s doing great and enjoying being super spoiled right now…

I did get quite a bit done, though, in a short amount of time. I planted the rest of the onions and counted them. There are 74 with a few leftovers that didn’t look like they’d do much so I tossed those. So my USABLE order from Dixondale Farms was right around 75 like they said it would be. Which puts the cost at around $.20 per onion each, which is really good since they are $3 apiece at the store!

So that’s cost effective. So is buying morning glory seeds in bulk! I got this brand because of the reviews and because they treat the seeds with something that is supposed to help them grow better.

It’s not quite time to plant them but in the next few days I’ll prep some areas to put them in. With a whole pound of seed, that’s a lot of morning glories I can grow!

While I was out there I checked the brooder coop and we have a sitter (woohoo!). I nudged her off and counted and she has 14 eggs under her right now.

So in three weeks we will hopefully have some chicks. I made sure she has food and water nearby so she can focus on hatching babies.

I also planted two rows of carrots, two beds of alyssum and prepped for more things to come. Next will be the potatoes and then after that the tomatoes, cucumbers and pumpkins but those won’t go out for a few weeks still.

I won’t have blooms for my new bud vases for awhile still, either, except the ones I steal from my baby rose bush but that’s okay. They give me a goal to work toward and they’re really pretty!

I also got some new bee solar lights to put on the antique flower cart when we get it finished. I like that they look dead, it makes me feel a bit of smug satisfaction since they want to kill me.

I’m kidding, I love bees. It’s the wasps I hate. And I did see a honey bee today, but not one wasp so that’s a good sign! My fake wasp nests just might be working. Only time will tell.

Also if I do disappear for weeks, you can probably assume the murder wasps won. Or I hit the lottery.

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