I’ll See You a Week From Thursday!

It says there will be sunshine and warm temps until a week from Thursday when we’ll get rain. Now don’t ask me how they know that far ahead that a rain cloud will form here, or rather won’t form here until a week from Thursday (not Wednesday or Friday but Thursday), but I’m going to take their word for it and enjoy this spring weather as best I can.

Because it probably won’t last, knowing Idaho. 🙄

Every year we get a week or two of warm spring weather and then we’re hit with a few days of wintery cold again, just as a final cruel reminder that it’s never really gone. Winter just takes a hiatus and heads up the mountain until October. That’s why there’s still snow on the Tetons in July.

So yeah. I’ll be busy, busy, busy. Lots of work to get done out there if I want my place to look all pretty and nice. All kinds of things to do to get from here to there. I definitely won’t be bored I can tell you that!


One more cuppa and then I’m gonna run right out there and jump right into alllll that work because work makes you free, as the old saying goes!


Maybe I wished for spring to come to soon… 😄

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