Well That Was Absurd

I was on the phone with the hubs yesterday when a woman in front of him began a viral-TikTok-worthy tirade at the staff about why she thought her food was taking so long. I could predict what direction it would go next, and I was right. It did. The sheriff had pulled her into the parking lot by the time he got his food and left.

She was still screaming about the perceived injustice against her and all of her people (still being perpetrated by some teenagers behind the counter of a Taco Bell) in the background as he walked back to his truck and shut the door. We both kind of laughed at the absurdity of it but we also realize that this country is in serious trouble.

We’ve fallen and I don’t know if we can get back up.

We’re collectively losing it and I don’t mean our sanity, although that’s not too far off. I mean we’ve lost our humility and our pride in self and, well, once that’s gone you can’t get it back. Who in the future will pay our children reparations for the damage all of this lunacy is causing them?

I’m glad the weather is nice, I think I’ll go dig in the dirt and try to forget about it all for awhile. If that doesn’t work, I have millions of pictures to sort through still, like these of the mourning doves who were stealing robin’s eggs a couple years ago.

They weren’t eating them, just grabbing and then dropping them so they’d break. I had no idea doves did that! They look so nice..

I guess you just never know what’s lurking beneath…

5 thoughts on “Well That Was Absurd

  1. Good post! I am so glad I am at home most of the time crafting and blogging and taking care of the home. My husband and 23 year old son have to go out into the world and deal with the public. I pray for them every day. Enjoy nature and digging in the dirt:)

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    1. Well I was looking at the wrong day on the weather report, we’re getting rain today lol. Still, I thank God every single day I don’t have to go out into that crazy world. Like you, I’m happy sitting here with myself and my pups!


  2. Thank you for sharing this post. People have forgotten how to be kind. We were in a McDonald’s with our grandkids the other day, and an off-duty employee came in to complain about her lack of hours. She used the F-word at least three times, and the manager told her to watch her language. The woman appeared to be in her thirties.

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    1. It’s getting out of hand. I was afraid he might be hurt by someone who has no self control and is basically delusional. He said he saw the entire thing and there was zero discrimination, the lady was just looking for it. Ughhhh.

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