Say a Little Prayer

There was rain instead of sunshine today, which surprised me when I pulled on my garden boots and stepped outside, mostly because I’d been looking at tomorrow’s forecast on my weather app apparently! So I expected sunshine and wanted to go hang my pretty little hanging baskets I made with those amazing fake flowers I found.

I have a new appreciation for artificial flowers, I can tell you that! They are so pretty and these seem to be extremely durable. The ones I’ve put out in the flowerboxes in the bay window have held up in rain, snow and wind so far.

Speaking of that, I should have known there was rain because this was the third spider I found in the house this morning…

I don’t blame them, I am not a fan of rain but it is good for the garden. I had to go out and check for eggs and found the girls in a great mood, probably because the worms are all squirming up in the dirt for them.

I wanted to do some weeding, especially now that I have this nifty Yard Butler. It’s a great new little tool!

I stood out there for awhile instead, thanking God and appreciating this little farm we’ve built using the tools he gave us. We’re adding more each year and moving things around to better suit our needs but so far it’s been very productive!

Hoping and praying this year brings even more abundance than ever before. 🙏

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