Happy Endings

It was nice to see the pasture fodder seed I planted the other day was still there, untouched by the wild birds. We woke up to snow this morning but it’s already melting and giving the ground a good drink so the seeds will all be sprouting soon enough I hope.

There were eight eggs in the brooder coop last night when I checked…

It’s still a bit cold to put the plants out into the greenhouse so they’re piling up in my dining room as more of my orders come in. Today the oregano and thyme arrived…

Next is the rosemary and garlic, which I’ll order soon. I just cleared those baskets out by the window and they all fit perfectly in there so they’ll live inside until it’s warm enough to put them out.

In the meantime, I’m happy with how these little mini-pumpkin pies came out again! I still have frozen pumpkin puree from last year’s harvest so I need to use it up before we grow another batch, and these are such an easy way to use it up.


The homemade whipped cream and sprinkling of pumpkin spice on top make them just perfect. I think next time I’ll make mini-pecan pies for the hubs since those are his favorite.

Anyway, at least the weekend is here! The weather is supposed to be amicable, so we’ll see what I can manage to accomplish, if anything at all. Just because the weather cooperates doesn’t mean my body will. 😄

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