In a Mood

The sky sure was in a mood last night. At first glance I thought there might be a small tornado or three trying to form over the neighborhood but it was just a clever illusion. It’s rare that we get them, but we do get small tornadoes here.

I woke up with plenty of energy to get stuff done but again, it’s still too cold out. I barely found the motivation to go out there because I’m sick of being cold! I didn’t have a choice, though, my wandering hen who likes to escape every morning to cruise outside the pens was out there close to my newly planted onions.

As soon as she saw me coming she tried to find a hiding place so I wouldn’t put her back, too. Little bugger.

So yeah. I can’t open the windows and paint and I can’t really work in the gardens. Which means I’m stuck in limbo! I guess I could kennel up the pups and go take a drive over to the river to get some pictures of the bald eagles or something.

Or I could just sit here and enjoy this cup of coffee and watch the little birds build their nests and catch up on reading all my favorite blogs…

I mean it is nice and cozy warm in here. 🙂

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