Adventures in Gardening: Planting the Onions & Carrots

Today I’m planting the onions and carrot seeds. It’s still in the 30s out there and quite chilly so I’ll have to dress warmly and come right back in when I’m done, but timing is important and I can’t put it off. Especially with the onions which arrived last night from Dixondale Farms.

They’ll need to go right in the ground if I want softball sized yellow Spanish onions this fall. I seriously can’t recommend them enough, these only cost $15.50 with free shipping and will yield multiple times that amount in onions. Last I checked, organic yellow onions were almost $3 each!

The carrots will be easy. I gave up on trying to use different “hacks” to plant them and will just go with the old sprinkle them in a little trench. I’ll thin them out later.

While I wait, I’m squirrel (not bird this time lol) watching with the pups…

… and making chocolate chip cookies using all my “safe” ingredients including eggs from our coop, organic olive oil, organic vanilla extract and unbleached, unprocessed flour. Everything has to be as free from additives as possible or else I risk getting sick and this time of year demands I be functional.

Even the chocolate chips are from a company that makes them without my personal food allergies, so that’s a relief. Some things I can grow here but others, like chocolate chips, have to be sourced out there in the wild.

Otherwise I have to do without and what’s life without chocolate chip cookies?! 😄

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