Adventures in Decorating: Window Flowerbox Flowers Part 1

We put these flowerboxes up a few years ago and learned pretty quickly that while it sounded great in theory to have them filled with beautiful blooms every summer, the way the sun beats down on the front of the house made it impossible to keep anything alive in them.

So I decided this year I would come up with a better solution and then it came to me. Fake flowers. Yes, I know the very phrase makes most of us cringe, including me, but I found some that I think may just work without looking too obvious. They come in a lot of different colors but I like purple so I went with it and also some whites to go with it.

Along with those, all it took was some coconut liners, a pair of scissors and some foam pieces for inserts.

I had to scrounge up the foam but I managed to find some pieces that worked and did my best to fill in with alternating purples and whites. Then I placed some stones around the base of the sprigs to hold the foam in place and voila!

I love how they turned out and hopefully they’ll hold up in the wind. If not, we can always wire them directly to the flowerboxes themselves I suppose and hide that with the coconut liner.

Either way, it works for me and brings a little color into my world which is always a good thing!

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