Morning Moonlight

The moon was pretty full last night and still hung big in the morning sky but the pack was restless all night so I didn’t get very much sleep and couldn’t fully appreciate how beautiful that big, white circle looked hanging there. So I took a picture to help remind me later, once I’m back to feeling human again.

It was probably the neighbor’s cat out in the back field hunting mice that kept their attention because I saw it out there early this morning, completely oblivious to the pups, focused entirely on mousing around the willows. Probably knowing full well how much that drove the dogs crazy, and probably enjoying that as well.

I can’t blame it, I’d probably do the same if I were a cat. But since I’m not, I had to deal with the repercussions of a night of shenanigans and now the only thing keeping me awake is strong coffee and the fact that just like the rest of the world, I can’t take a day off even if I want to.

Things still need doing and I am the one who has to do them.

I’m just glad we’re still a little ways away from planting things because I’m far too drained today for that. I am, however, collecting this year’s plantings including a hydrangea, some ornamental grasses, a miniature rose and a few other lovelies.

My rose is sure blooming nicely…

Some may have to go into containers for the patio because they aren’t suited for this arctic climate, but most should be okay. I’m still anxiously awaiting the wisteria and elderberries I planted last year to wake up and let me know they made it through winter.

I did see the strawberries are alive and well under the thick straw I put over them just before the snow, so chances are good the others have survived, too. Fingers crossed! 😊

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