The Never Ending Story

It’s always the same thing this time of year. On one hand I am sick to death of the snow. On the other, well… I am sick to death of the snow!! πŸ˜„

I’m not alone, even the pups seem over it…

They’ve had their fun mushing and are ready for some sunshine and warmer weather, too!

Actually, that’s not true. They are still having a blast out there and why wouldn’t they? We are still waking up to fresh snow, the temps keep going just high enough to melt and refreeze everything each day so by afternoon they have lots of mud puddles and even a nice, deep ice water pond in one of their pens to play in…

They can’t quite understand why mom doesn’t want to jump right on in there with them. πŸ˜„

But I’d rather stay inside with the blinds pulled so I can forget all about the snow and enjoy my little indoor herb garden which is doing better than I expected!

I finished harvesting the dill and changed it out for a cherry tomato which is coming along nicely and I’m still taking tons of basil from the basil plant which I’ll keep because unlike dill, I use A LOT of basil. And I have to buy the organic, store-bought stuff because of my mast cell issue which is expensive, so the more the better!

I do have to keep a close eye on it, though, because it grows so fast it is wanting to flower out which can change the flavor so I try to nip those in the bud before they get too far and so far, so good. I am very happy with this little unit after not being so sure about it at first.

Do you know what I’m not happy about, though? Having to shovel yet another path to the chicken house to collect eggs!!


One thought on “The Never Ending Story

  1. Tina

    I’m over winter also. I don’t have the snow you have. I have mud right now in my neck of the woods. It’s more the clouds, rain and snow mixture that needs to go. We do enjoy winter though. We moved here for the four seasons. We thoroughly enjoy it. Bring on the β˜€οΈ!! 😁


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