Soon There Will Be Muddy Days

This winter has been a doozy! We shovel paths and plow with the buggy but more snow comes and fills it all in. Again and again. When it finally melts we are going to be swimming in mud here.

And of course we wake up every day with different indoor pups who want out first thing in the morning…

And outside pups who want to come in…

Which means if the hubs is at work I have to at least clear the steps off and, if I’m feeling up to it, shovel a path. Digging the gates out is optional, too, because I can go inside and let them in and out through the indoor gate.

Still, if I leave it too long then it turns to ice and I can’t open the outside gates so.. yeah. I’ve learned my lesson on that lol.

Of course if the hubs is here he will take care of all that for me, and he does, but he’s not always here to do it so it’s up to me. Little ole me!

At least I’m still gardening in between all that snow business. I’m on day 54 today and I’m harvesting the basil to dry and save because I can’t keep up with just using it fresh now.

The cherry tomato I plugged in has sprouted already and the other two hopefully will, too, any day now. I honestly really love this little AeroGarden and I’ll do another proper update on it soon,

Until then, gotta get my snow pants back on and head back out into the fray…

2 thoughts on “Soon There Will Be Muddy Days

  1. We’ve had to use our A/C intermittently all “winter”! ☹️ The spring buds are coming out everywhere on the trees, next to oaks with dead leaves still hanging on them. Argh! Your snow looks so lovely, but I can imagine it’s no picnic either.


  2. Tina

    I do wish our ground was still frozen. We have the mud now.
    I too have learned my lesson on shoveling. I dislike ice very much and so does my bum. 🙊🤣


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