Adventures in Indoor Gardening: AeroGarden Day 48

I have meant to do an update on my experiment in indoor hydroponic gardening but I’ve been busy getting distracted by things like shoveling more snow and de-icing kennel gates. Argh.

Anyway, just a quick note to say it’s actually going really well and I’ve been harvesting the heck out of the dill and the basil. I’m drying the dill in a basket and I cook with the fresh basil, because that works for me. It’s cut way back right now but grows like a weed every single day.

I did have three empty spaces that I’ve plugged with a cherry tomato, a mint and another kind of basil (I think). I just put those in a couple days ago so it will be awhile before I see if they sprout. I tried all the salad green ones I bought in a pack of six and none of them sprouted so I think it may have been a bad batch.

Either way, this unit is really easy to use and I feel like it’s paying off. It’s nice to have the little oasis of greens growing with a window view of the arctic conditions out there. 😄

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