It Won’t Be Long Now

We are just 20 days until spring now and I know it’s getting closer because the pups are all showing signs of blowing out their winter coats, which is pretty much an indisputable way to tell when winter is over. Turns out, it’s not just an old wives tale after all. 😄

None of them are quite ready for all the grooming that’s coming soon, and to be honest, neither are my arms! All that brushing…

They’re worth it though. They can’t come in the house if they are blowing out their coats and I can’t not bring them in, they’re my babies!

Fur isn’t the only thing blowing here, the snow still keeps coming.

The roads have been too treacherous so I’ve been staying in, enjoying the random breaks between storms to get photos. There’s always something out there for me if I wait long enough…

I want to go pay a visit to the river to see the beaver dam nearby, once the roads are clear and I feel safe going over there. It’s only a couple of miles away but with this weather it might as well be a hundred miles for me!

4 thoughts on “It Won’t Be Long Now

  1. Tina

    I have a dog that’s blowing out her coat. It’s awful. Lol.
    We keep getting snow here and it is just a slushy wet mess. It’s not cold enough to freeze, so everything is melting. I dislike this side of winter. Well I should say I don’t like mud. 😆


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