Dddog Dddays of Winter

We are now officially 30 days away from spring, so it’s really just around the corner. And then down the street, around another corner, go left at the light and in about a mile you’ll see it off to your right.

Hey, at least we’re getting close!

Today I had to reorder my vitamin D which I’ve been making myself take religiously this winter since it’s super important for those of us living north of the equator to top up our levels in winter. You do take it, right? šŸ˜‰

It took me forever to find one that (a) didn’t taste nasty and (b) didn’t trigger my hair-trigger mast cells. This one does seem to work well and while I haven’t had my levels tested, I also haven’t been sick since I started on it last fall.

Although, in all honesty, that doesn’t mean much in my case. I am abnormal. Even when the hubs had the big “C” I only got sick for a minute with it, loaded up on my regular meds and then had a giant mast cell reaction and it was over by the next morning. This happens to me with every cold or virus he brings home. I get a bit of symptoms, feel it coming on, dose up with quercetin and other mast cell stabilizers and it goes away pretty much right away. I haven’t been “sick” sick in years even though I am always sick with the symptoms of having mast cell activation and being “allergic” to the world.

So it’s actually an unfair tradeoff and I’m on the losing end!! Ugh.

But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about me not wanting to get up and go out into the arctic void to deal with everything so I’m procrastinating a bit. I overfed everyone last night so I know they’re fine, it’s just that it’s -7F out there and I honestly don’t feel up to it quite yet!

Between you and me, I am tempted to crawl back into my cozy, warm bed to cuddle with Miss Dakota who slept in with us last night (and loved every minute of it)…

But that would just make it harder to get everything done. She is so snuggly I might just fall back asleep until Monday morning!

So instead I’m going to procrastinate a little longer and trim up my basil and dill because they are doing quite amazing now that I’ve moved my little AeroGarden over by the window…

I think I’m starting to like this little machine.

Maybe another cup of coffee or two and it will warm up to a more tolerable temperature out there! šŸ„¶

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