Love This, Hate That

I don’t know about you but I am not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. My dear, sweet hubby has always made it so special for me though so I play along. He always gets me flowers and sometimes even writes me poetry (I know lol) and this year I decided to surprise him with something equally as romantic in return.

But since I suck at poetry and he’s not big on flowers yesterday I made him some heart shaped sugar cookies…

And attempted to make him a heart themed strawberry pie, but it kind of lost its shape after I baked it…

Oh well, with a dollop of fresh whipped cream on top he didn’t mind a bit!

After all that I spent the afternoon medicated to the hilt so I could eat a bit of these otherwise “forbidden” foods and so I could tackle painting my dressing room, which is coming along nicely. I bought a low odor paint and and the color is a dusky rose, which will look really pretty when it’s all done.

It compliments the antiques I’m collecting to decorate the room with…

A few years ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of painting without risking a bad reaction. In fact, we stopped mid-way through remodeling the house because all the paint and other things were making me really sick and I’d end up broken out in hives from head to toe (and worse) so the fact that I got through yesterday unscathed is a good indication my medicines are working well.

The physical part of it is really kicking my butt though but hey, I did say I needed some exercise! Especially if I’m going to be eating pie and cookies. Oy! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Love This, Hate That

  1. Your sweets look so yummy! All of your efforts painting will be worth it. You just got to KOKO-Keep On Keeping On:) God is faithful! Sounds like HE has gotten you through some rough times. A loving husband sure helps too.

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