Adventures in Decorating: A Whole Bouquet of Blums!

Since I can’t grow flowers in the house during the winter (well not yet at least), I’m bringing them inside as much as possible and there’s no better way to do that than with Cheri Blum prints. Her stuff has that dreamy, romantic, Victorian feel to them that I love so much.

Today the universe was smiling on me because when I went looking for a piece or two for the dressing room I found this lot of almost 20 pieces on Ebay for less than $5 each! 😲

Many of them are framed and there are several matching sets which will be just perfect to play around with…

I will have enough to redecorate the dressing room, the bedroom, the bathroom and more!

So that was a great way to start my Saturday. Nothing better than finding a deal first thing in the morning, especially one that helps bring all these beautiful flowers inside for me.

One thought on “Adventures in Decorating: A Whole Bouquet of Blums!

  1. I had planned to do something like this. An assortment of botanical pictures in different types of complimentary frames in different sizes but then I don’t know what happened. Life got in the way? I overthought it so much I forgot about it? Hmm. I like these a lot, except not such a fan of the off white/antique white yellowish background finishes. My favorite is the top left one in the last picture. The one with the glass jars in it. Thank you for sharing! Maybe I’ll come back around to this kind of project again someday.


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