38 Days Until Spring!

Apparently I am outnumbered here when it comes to looking forward to spring. I did a quick poll and not one of these pups seemed enthusiastic about the end of winter. Rudy gave me a dirty look when I asked him but whatever. They’re all biased.

I know some of you are already seeing signs of spring where you live, especially in the deep south, and I’m not jealous, really! Okay maybe a smidge, but it’s okay because I have figured out a way to get me from here to there without completely losing it and that’s with a ‘countdown until spring’ project. Well, thirty eight of them actually.

I am pretty sure I can find at least one thing a day that needs doing around here before spring’s arrival which, in case you missed it, is in less than forty days now (woo-hoo!). I have to remember that once it’s here it will be as if someone pulled the trigger on the starting gun for the races and I’ll be busy, busy, busy outside tending to my flowers and gardens at least until summer comes and it gets too hot for me out there and oh my goodness I can hardly wait.

So in the meantime, I’m compiling a list of things to stay busy with inside. I need to go through my seeds and sort them, figure out what I’m planting and where, get some seedlings going indoors, order whatever gardening supplies and new seeds I’ll be needing this coming year, clearing out the root cellar and making it ready for next year’s harvest…

Whew! I’m exhausted just thinking about starting that list! Let alone doing it all.

Speaking of being exhausted, I think I better prioritize getting some exercise so I can be ready for all the physical labor that’s coming my way in just thirty eight days or so. I’ve let myself go a bit soft this winter and I’ll be sorry for that come springtime when the workload demands that I be able to keep up physically. I struggle enough as it is with my wonky immune system that makes me want to just sleep all day.

It’s just soooo hard with this new cozy bed…. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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