Humor Me

It’s beautiful out there today. Blue skies, sunshine and miles and miles of blinding white snow in every direction. Ugh. My eyes are still twitching from the assault! My nose is still numb from the cold and there’s not enough coffee on the planet to warm it. At -14F it even hurt to breathe the cold air in out there.

Oh how I love to be reminded first thing in the morning that I live where sometimes it hurts to breathe in the air! At least it’s because of the fresh, cold air and not poisonous, toxic air like some people have to breathe in every day, I suppose. I suppose too that I should stop complaining as though eastern Idaho is some sort of remote Siberian gulag I was sent to for punishment, even if it does feel that way sometimes, but the truth is I wanted to live here! And most days I do love it.

Most days.

Just not today.

Today I just really, really, really want it to be like this out there again…

Well maybe not that last one. It was freaking hot that day. I don’t want to think about summer today, either. At least not last summer! I could hardly wait for that one to end! 😄

Still, today the curtains stay closed and I pretend it’s not winter.

3 thoughts on “Humor Me

  1. This made me smile 🙂 For decades, I lived in Québec City. The winters there are long, cold and brutal. My husband and I moved back to our home province 8 years ago, but quite a bit further south than where I grew up. I was recently complaining to my daughter that we never really get “a proper winter” or a “proper snowfall” here. She burst out laughing and reminded me that I used to complain ALL THE TIME about the long, awful winters in Québec. And for the record, I HATE the summer heat. When it comes to weather, I’m not sure we ever really get what we want 🤓🤓🤓

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