Adventures in Indoor Gardening: AeroGarden Update – Day 25

I went into this whole hydroponic indoor gardening thing with zero expectations because at my age I’ve learned that’s the best way to approach new things. That way you’re never disappointed and hopefully you are pleasantly surprised by the outcome if it goes well.

That doesn’t seem to be the case with my new little AeroGarden, unfortunately. I am pretty much underwhelmed at the moment.

I followed the directions and have been vigilant about keeping on top of it but out of six pods, only three sprouted. I finally began removing the “dead” ones yesterday and I also moved the unit again to try and find a warmer space for it. We do keep the house cooler because of all these Siberians we have living with us so it could be that I suppose, but I suspect it’s only part of the problem if it is a problem at all.

The dill seems to be doing okay even if it’s a bit worse for wear th…

The thyme sprouted finally and one of the basil plants is doing quite well…

But they don’t seem to be thriving as much as they should so I am going to play around with air temperatures and maybe add more supplemental lighting as I do have some plant lights I can use. Maybe I should play some classical music for them or at least get a small fan to help stimulate them.

Heck, by the time I get these little guys producing it will practically be spring and I can start my outdoor herb garden! Until then, I’ll do my best at this indoor gardening thing. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Indoor Gardening: AeroGarden Update – Day 25

  1. Good to know, thanks for sharing! We need more folks testing and reporting back on all the gardening ‘gimmicks’ they come out with, since forever. We have neighbors who have gone to great expense trying the hydroponics and aquaponics and the ‘easy tap’ beehives and all far more expense and effort than your mini-trial there, with zero positive result. But, I think it’s great, cause now I don’t have to try it myself! 😆

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