Adventures in Decorating: Rearranging the Empty Nest (Again)

All these empty rooms have been put to various uses over the last few years, and as our habits and hobbies change and evolve, it affects how we use our space.

It’s not as if we have a huge house, either, because we don’t. It’s just perfect for the two of us at about 1800sq feet and we’re slowly getting it remodeled from top to bottom because when we bought it someone had pretty bad taste in both materials and design when they upgraded it to their liking (not ours).

We knew we wanted to do a lot of work to it when we bought it, and we have, but we didn’t know it would take so long! Partly because I got so sick and became allergic to all the things we were using (paint, new carpeting, etc) and also because the hubs had to have shoulder surgery a couple years ago and that put a real damper on moving forward until he’s fully healed.

Which he is now, thank goodness!

Our next room we’re going to redo is the sewing room which I’m turning into a big, walk-in dressing room. I don’t need all the space for my sewing so I can incorporate that into the dressing room and make it a much more useful area. We don’t have a walk-in closet in our master bedroom and since this room is right next door, it will serve as one.

One that’s almost the size of our bedroom!

I won’t keep all our clothes in there, just the nicer ones we want to be dog-hair free since that room is off limits to the dogs. And our shoes, belts, jewelry, and all the other things we wear that can be put on in there instead of in the rather small bedroom.

I want to get a little ironing board for upstairs even though I have a built-in one down in the laundry room. I’d LOVE a second washer/dryer set for upstairs, maybe a small stackable one, but that’s pushing it lol. The hubs has said he might cut in a laundry chute for me, though, so I don’t have to carry heavy baskets up and down the stairs anymore.

Yesterday I got the paint for both the dressing room (a dusty rose) and the laundry room (a lovely lavender) and today we are picking out which trim we’ll use around the doors and chair railing on top of the beadboard. I am really looking forward to seeing both rooms finished but this room is especially exciting for me as it’s kind of a dream to have a big, walk-in dress shop I mean closet lol.

I am trying to add as many ‘manly’ things as I can find to balance it out, like the little Stetson hats and old cologne bottles and shaving mugs and such. There’s actually quite a bit of this and that antiques-wise I can use to really make it feel cozy for us both.

I hope. 🙂

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