Adventures in Homesteading: Breaking it Down

Over the next few weeks I’m dismantling the food room upstairs and moving everything to a spare bedroom in the basement. When I made the decision I knew it was a monumental task I’ve got ahead of me, but in the end it’s a much better space for this.

Not only does it stay cooler down there, but it’s next to the little root cellar under the stairs where I still have some pumpkins, potatoes and well, not onions anymore because I forgot you aren’t supposed to keep them together and they were making the potatoes sprout! Onions produce ethylene gas which triggers the sprouting so I moved them to the utility room and the potatoes calmed back down.

Can you believe I am still using them all almost daily six months on?! And this is just from storing them whole – not canning or freezing. They are still so fresh, too. These are some of the red potatoes I roasted the other night…

Now if I can just get my little AeroGarden to produce, I’ll be happy. It’s been three weeks now and I’ll be posting an update soon on the progress there.

In the meantime, I’m going to try and pace myself as I tackle this moving rooms thing. I have to do it in stages otherwise I’ll get overwhelmed midway, push myself too hard and find myself drowning in mast cell symptoms, unable to finish. If I do things right, though, and I take my time, I should be able to do it all just fine and if the end result turns out like I hope they will, I will be SO glad I did this.

While I work, I’m slow cooking a roast and listening to some motivational music. On the playlist is one of my all time favorites, Mr. Mellow himself, Jack Johnson.

Ah, I just love him so much. He’s helping me “break it down” on this lovely Saturday morning. Hope you have a great weekend as well! ❤

3 thoughts on “Adventures in Homesteading: Breaking it Down

    1. I’m actually shocked myself lol! I am working down there today so I’ll get some photos and show my set up. It’s nothing fancy, but location is key. Do you have a crawl space or an “under the stairs” space you can use? Ours is actually really tiny but it works!

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      1. Oh, we’re still going to use the old root cellar anyway; it’s a decent sized space, has a vent, light and – most importantly – a door to keep the cats out! 😄 My parents used it for years, so I know it’ll work well enough. It’s just not ideal, but I can find ways to work around that.

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