Adventures in Survival: Whew! Glad That’s Over!

It’s still pretty cold out there at 15F today but that feels like a warm summer day compared to our record breaking lows of -35. It was so cold that the hubby ended up staying home for a few extra days (aw darn lol!) because his truck simply wouldn’t stay running. 🥶

His wasn’t the only one, the shop was booked out trying to keep many of the local big rigs running and we all hunkered down inside to keep warm. Lucky his customers were very understanding and thankfully he parks his truck across from our local sheriff’s office so they keep an eye on his cargo while he’s here. He told them what he hauls and they were happy to help keep those million dollar cars secure, which was nice of them.

Anyway, I knew when the birds began to appear in the trees all around us again that we were past the worst of it. All of a sudden, they were back including the hawks and kestrels and magpies…

I was a bit worried about losing power but now that we’re fully prepared (at least I hope so!) for such an emergency, I don’t really think about it too much like I used to. I just know now what to do if suddenly the power fails and the house begins to drop in temperature, which it would. In such extreme low temps, I’d head to the camper immediately and get the generator running so I had a safe place to be until the power came back on or I headed to the nearest shelter. I wouldn’t even mess around with tea light candles or propane heaters (or using the pack for body heat hehe).

When it’s that cold? It’s no time to mess around!

Again, it’s partly why we choose to stay in a semi-rural location. When you are too far out, and you live where we do, you really have few things to fall back on in an emergency whereas I am still close enough to other people that I have some security. Unless of course they turn into zombies and come after me, but I’m willing to risk it. I am a good shot.😉

I do want one of those backup whole house generators now, though. That would bring even more peace of mind!

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