Deathly Cold

It may not look like it out there, but it’s -20F right now with the windchill and overnight will drop to -25F without it. So needless to say, it’s pretty cold! Deathly cold, in fact.

So cold that the birds are nowhere to be seen; the trees, bushes, nesting boxes and feeders are all quiet…

So cold that the icicles are going to have to wait to be knocked down because it’s just not worth it…

Cold enough we’re bringing all the pups in overnight even though huskies are cold tolerant up to -70F. It is funny to watch them, though. They seem completely oblivious to the cold no matter how low the temperature drops.

We had to make Coco come back in this morning, he was having a good ol’ time rolling around and digging in the fresh snow and he’s the old man of the pack at 8! 😄

They don’t seem to mind the cold no matter how cold it gets but we definitely feel it. Our plans to go sledding with them today were canceled due to the brutal, deadly blast of winter weather.

So, since we’re trapped inside until the cold spell snaps, I figured we at least should have some yummy comfort food. This morning I made the hubs his favorite: chicken fried steak and gravy with scrambled eggs.

Whoever invented chicken fried steak is a genius. It definitely hits the spot on days like this!

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