This is the big weekend of the year for us when the mushers gather in Jackson Hole for the ceremonial kickoff of the Pedigree Stage Stop Race that runs over the next week. We look forward to going every year and this year was no different. We had planned a ride in the gondola up to the Piste Mountain Bistro and had a room reserved at the Lexington and breakfast reservations for tomorrow at the Alpenhoff and…


Then nature struck and decided to drop a weather bomb on us. Swan Valley is likely to get a foot or two of snow, the roads are treacherous and the weather alert warning says to stay off the road except for emergencies.

So our plans have been dashed and we’re sitting here waiting to hear if we can get our reservation for our hotel refunded since it’s not our fault that we don’t want to risk possible death to drive over the mountain. We contacted them and a manager is supposed to call us back.

I guess this means I get to work on other things like organizing the pantry room and making a strawberry pie. I’m actually looking forward to sharing this one because if it turns out really good I’ll have it up in time to share the tutorial before Valentine’s Day which is what it’s really supposed to be for. I just don’t feel like waiting to play with my new pie crust decorator toys. 😄

We’ll probably hook up the pups and run them around the neighborhood today, too, so hopefully I’ll get some good footage of that to put up on our dog sledding channel. It’s really growing in popularity so I need new material. With all this snow, that shouldn’t be hard!

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