Chilly Rocky Mountain Morning

Well, it’s definitely winter here in Idaho…

The snow was coming down so gently this morning, it was really magical out there for the brief amount of time I was able to manage being out in the cold…

I can’t complain though. We’ve had a really lovely winter so far, overall. I do admit it will be nice to not have to knock the icicles off the chicken coop to collect eggs…

It’s a small price to pay now that I know how much money we’re saving on eggs, though.

Despite all that cold and snow and ice and certain death out there, my AeroGarden is starting to sprout! So I’ll be posting about that soon. Until then, have a great weekend everyone! 😘

7 thoughts on “Chilly Rocky Mountain Morning

  1. Nice pictures! I like the “Beware of Chickens” sign. We had a dog with one brown eye and one blue eye. She was a Border Collie/ Akita mix. We always called her blue eye her “crazy eye.” You always knew when she was about to break into a case of the zoomies because you could see the pupil dilate just before she’d start zooming around in zigzags.

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    1. That’s funny, ours does the same. I didn’t like the mixed eyes at first but they’ve grown on me probably because Willow is such a sweetheart! She slept in last night and snuggled so close it was like wearing a fur stole lol.

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  2. Tina

    I do agree that here in Idaho we are having a beautiful winter. But it is cold! And that is not a complaint. Lol
    I have been spoiling my chickens. They are such good girls and wonderful layers. They deserve all the love I can give them. 😁

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