Adventures in Antiquing: Edwardian Era Guilded Vanity Set

I haven’t bought any new antiques (pun intended) for awhile so it was bound to happen that I went looking for something to add to the dressing room I’m setting up. I want it to have the feel of a Victorian dress shop, so I’m looking for specific things.

And while I didn’t find a hair brush and mirror set from the actual Victorian period, these are close enough and look absolutely gorgeous on the dresser with my growing collection of antique perfume bottles.

They are most likely from the 1920s or even 1930s since they are hand painted on celluloid, and the colors and details are incredible.

The image is reproduced on both pieces but if you look carefully, you can see slight variation which says to me these are hand painted. The patina on the handles is just lovely, too, because it’s showing its age wonderfully without making it ugly.

Next I want a few vintage and antique hats to put around. Of course I’ll need some hat holder stands, too, and hopefully I’ll be able to find antiques of those, too.

We have a local “antique” shop I’ve been to a few times and they have some good stuff but the guy seems to be getting a bit weird as he gets older. He doesn’t seem to have anything for sale when you ask, either it’s spoken for or he’s not ready to let it go yet but nothing ever leaves the place. He’s accumulating more and more stuff outside, too, and it’s beginning to look less like an antique shop and more like a hoarding situation, which is a bit sad.

Anyway, I might pop over there this afternoon to see if I can spot anything dress shop-y to go with my new old vanity set. Maybe I’ll show up just in time to save him from being crushed by his hoard or something. 😄

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