Keeping the Home Fires Burning

Being a car hauler’s wife means living a very different life than most. Our schedule is crazy; he can be gone for days at a time and also home for days on end, in between loads, especially now that he’s hauling exotic cars. The good thing is we live pretty central to where he does most of his deliveries on the west coast, so he’s able to get through the house pretty often.

Especially for a trucker.

So it works for us. When he’s home, which can be a week or two at a time, we play hard and when he’s gone, I focus on keeping the home fires burning, so to speak, and take care of the dogs. If we didn’t have them I technically could go with him, but until we get him moved up into a bigger truck, I prefer to stay home anyway.

It’s not that the truck he’s in is small, because it’s really not, but most of his co-workers have huge, custom sleeper trucks with showers and toilets, queen sized beds and all the comforts of an RV because that’s basically what they’ve been stretched into.

A lot of them take their wives with them and some even team drive so it’s a whole lifestyle, which I might choose to do in the future (well, not the driving part). If I can get over my fear of being in all that traffic. He goes right into New York City and Chicago and all the places I’d really rather pretend don’t exist lol.

Still, it would be fun to go with him once in awhile, just to see the country and to see the cars in person. They are pretty amazing and he gets to go to some really cool places like the Peterson Museum and the ports where he picks up loads of McLarens and Porsches to deliver to dealerships.

He also goes to private homes and transports collector cars like this sweet 1958 Corvette…

He said those are his favorite because he meets the coolest people who just love cars like he does, and some of them have insanely nice collections tucked away in barns and warehouses and in places you’d never suspect, which would be fun to see, admittedly. I love antique cars as much as antique every thing else!

But for now, this is my little corner of the universe where I home make…

and care take and fill the bird feeders and wait for the little sparrows to come enjoy breakfast with me…

and wait patiently like a sailor’s wife while my husband is out there transporting his load on the highways and biways, trying to avoid bad drivers and some of the worst traffic imaginable.

People always act like they feel sorry for me when they find out I am a trucker’s wife and say things like, “I don’t know how you do it!” but they don’t understand at all. It’s a privilege for me to be able to support him and while I did like it when he was home more at his last job, I don’t mind the time apart. We are on the phone almost 24/7 and video chat in the evenings and actually spend more time together than most couples when you take that into account.

Plus, my job is easy. I get to stay home and play with the pups all day. If something goes wrong, I call a plumber or an electrician or whoever it takes to fix things. He’s the one in traffic with millions of dollars of exotic and rare cars in his trailer that he’s responsible for. Just the thought of that much responsibility makes me nervous!!

So yeah. I always tell people I honestly don’t know how he does it! 😄

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