Lost Somewhere in Time

It’s easy to get lost in time here. I can go days without consciously thinking about the time or date or the day of the week, which is both good and bad. It’s good in the sense that I live quite freely, unrestrained by the chains of modernity which demands that you do a certain thing at a certain time, every day, day in and day out, week after week, year after year ad nauseam.

Until you retire, and then you’re sort of like me because the calendar no longer matters as much.

It’s bad because it means I am truly disconnected from the rest of humanity, or most of them. I don’t even think our brains are wired the same anymore because I keep such a weird schedule and I’m not chasing the clock like everyone else is. Like, if I want to stay up until 3am I can.

I don’t, but I can.

I did remember it’s Sunday, though, and managed to keep the pack from letting out their morning group howl until just after 9am. I figure by then the neighborhood is awake and most are getting ready for church. Usually it’s Rudy who starts it inside and wakes up the outdoor sleepers and once they get to singing, it’s almost impossible to get them to stop.

I was able to get them to quit the group howl midway, like magic, by opening the window, popping the screen off and throwing cookies to them, but then they started howling even more often because they thought I was rewarding them for their amazing singing abilities. šŸ˜„

Anyway, back to this whole being lost in time thing. It’s such a modern day phenomenon that everyone lives and works by the clock, isn’t it? Our bodies are made to live and work with and to the rhythms of nature. Our circadian cycles and our mental health fare much better when we live the way we were meant to, which is obvious when you look at how many chronic conditions are caused by stress.

The stress of trying to keep up with the calendar.

It feels strange not to have that stress, and to watch the world go by as though time is just an afterthought. And when I do venture out there I feel so alien as people around me frantically chase time, always rushing here and there, always worrying that they’ll be late.

How many people got up just to watch the sunrise this morning? How many did that without feeling rushed? I bet not many.

It really does put you in a different frame of mind when you live this way. It’s quite nice, actually. I think I’ll work on my first fancy pie today since I got the new decorator tools I ordered.

It looks like so far the most pressing issue I have today is figuring out whether to make pumpkin or apple. Happy Sunday, everyone!!

One thought on “Lost Somewhere in Time

  1. I can’t retire yet, but I might be thinking like a retired person already. I focus on what needs to be done each day more than the day or the hour. When my school-age son has a holiday (and especially the long holidays, like Christmas break) I really can’t keep track of day or time!


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