Gearing Up!

Our official Iditarod gear arrived today and I am pretty thrilled with the quality of everything. I mostly ordered stuff for the hubs, like a sweatshirt, a MUSH hat, and this keychain to go with his growing collection:

I did get myself a beanie with the “50 Years” logo since they just celebrated their 50th anniversary of the race.

So that was a nice surprise because I forgot I’d even ordered it. I was a bit hesitant, not having ordered from their official store before but like I said, the quality is pretty good for the price.

I nearly didn’t notice the box on the front porch as I’ve been busy working on our new project, putting watermarks on the photos and uploading them to the WP server so he can access them to write his blog posts when he shuts down in the evenings. I’m also sourcing copyright free music to use on our YouTube videos for that channel.

He’s been using our GoPro to take footage of him at work to bring home with him and has been sending me dozens of photos to use in the meantime, like this one:

I’ve also been waiting anxiously on my other order to come in, which it did this morning, too. I’m really excited about because these will up my pie making game.

They look like something you’d use with PlayDoh but they are actually for pie crust, to embellish and decorate your pies so they look even better than they taste! Hooray!!

Hopefully. We’ll see, I’m going to play with them over the next few weeks and I’ll let you know.

First, though, I have to get my beanie away from Lola and get back to work on these car pictures. 😋

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