Little Birds Outside My Window

Little bird outside my window,
I can hear you in my room
as you gaily serenade me
and eradicate the gloom.

Your chirping is the sweetest
that my ears have ever heard,
it awakens me each morning –
zip your beak up, little bird!

Jack Prelutsky

It’s nice to have the tree put away so I can see the windows again and the constant stream of sparrows and finches and chickadees that come beginning at dawn and stay until sunset,..

They do make a bit of noise but they decorate the pine tree like little feathered ornaments…

The snow is pretty thick out there, so I’m keeping the feeders topped up as best I can and I do wipe off the glass each time I fill it, sometimes twice a day, but in no time they’ve mucked it up again…

It actually works in my favor because they don’t seem to see me as well when the window is blurry from all their festivities, which means I can get closer to take pictures.

Problem is, they’re all blurry. 😣

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