Some Days There’s Just Not Enough Coffee

Something woke the pack up at 3am and despite our best efforts we never could figure out what it was. Whatever it was got their attention over by the chicken coop so we figure it might have been our owl visiting.

Hardly any sleep was to be had once we were up at that ungodly hour because after that, the pack just wouldn’t settle for us no matter what we did, which is unusual for them.

So at sunrise I got up and sat in the living room, facing the bay window with the big pine tree out front, to see if the owl would come in for a landing and some good pictures. I figured at least I could get something out of all the drama, but nope. Nothing.

I did enjoy the quietude though and the fake firelight the hubs put in our antique parlor stove using the porch bulbs I bought for Halloween really makes it feel cozy in there, but I’d have preferred to sleep in instead.

Of course now they’re all sound asleep in their barrels and straw beds (and my bed) as if last night never happened and I’m starting to think keeping sled dogs IS abusive – to us humans! πŸ˜„

Seriously, they are so mean to us…

Anyway, I had plans to get a second post up in my indoor gardening series because my AeroGarden has arrived (woohoo!)…

But as you can see, I couldn’t even get a half way decent picture of it so it’s probably not a good idea to try and write a coherent blog post right now. πŸ˜‹

I did get it set up and plugged in, which took all of two minutes, though, and so far, so good! It’s just EXTREMELY BRIGHT so I’m avoiding the kitchen until I wake up a bit more and get more coffee in me. Which is in the kitchen, so I duck in and out as quick as I can because did I mention this little unit is like having your very own personal sun in the house?

I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing but for now I need sleep. Except I can’t sleep during the day, so I’m just going to force myself to go take care of everything outside, grab the eggs and come back in and make some biscuits and gravy and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

First, though, more coffee.

As if that will help.


7 thoughts on “Some Days There’s Just Not Enough Coffee

  1. I have two dogs, both are shepherd mix. One doesn’t shed at all, the other sheds so much you would think I had a third or even fourth dog in the house. Molly, the non shedder, woke me early this morning. I couldn’t figure out what was up with her. I found out later something had stirred up a large pack of coyote last night just down the hill.

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      1. The first time I heard it I woke my son up asking him what the heck that sound was. He laughed at me and asked if that was the first time I heard it. Well yes. Otherwise I wouldn’t be waking him up asking. With it echoing along the holler behind the house it really sounded spooky.

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      2. I just realized I’m unsubscribed from you for some reason? No wonder I haven’t seen you in my feed. WP is being weird, it unsubscribed me from a few blogs and it’s putting blog posts directly in my notifications for comments?? Anyway, can you imagine being an early pioneer and coming across this country when it was just TEEMING with wild critters? It must have been incredibly scary! We only have a fraction of the herds and predators that roamed the land just a couple hundred years ago and it’s scary enough lol!

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