Adventures in Photography: Video Editing is Fun, Too!

I’m really getting into editing these videos for our channels and while I don’t have any content for the actual, official Empty Nest Homesteading channel (yet – I plan to start making videos for that one beginning in early spring), I’m honing my skills over on our other channel, Tetons and Beyond.

That’s our mushing channel and this morning I uploaded my best video so far (I think) so if you love dogs and puppies and want to see a peek into what it’s like living with a pack of sled dogs, this one’s for you.

I’m not active on Facebook or other social media because I simply don’t have time to be with my full time job taking care of the zoo here, but if you’d take a minute to share our videos on your social media (if you want to of course), we’d appreciate it because otherwise it’s hard for us to find the audience without a little help from our online friends.

I’m also going to be posting this over at Tetons and Beyond soon, which is our mushing blog, so if you want to subscribe there we update it every now and then and would love some more subscribers. We love sharing our huskies with the world and we know a lot of folks love to see them, so the more eyes the better.

Of course the video doesn’t show the fun parts like mucking out the pens and mending hurt feelings in the pack when someone’s bone gets stolen, which I’m off to do now, but I’ll probably make a video about the ugly side to all this someday, too. 😄

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