Adventures in Photography: In Case You Haven’t Noticed, I Love Birds!

Despite the fact that photos of grizzly bears and wolves and moose and other big game are thrilling to take, I really love, love, love taking pictures of the local birds.

Not just the sculpted ones, either.

We are surrounded by millions of acres of national forest that protects huge flocks of every bird imaginable in North America. We have ospreys and hawks and eagles and herons and cranes and pelicans and… there are so many to choose from, it’s hard to pick a favorite!

Until I see swans, then they’re definitely my favorite…

But I love the birds that come by my place, too, because I don’t have to go driving into the wild looking for them. In fact, they come looking for me to refill the feeders…

Of these, I think the Northern Flicker is my favorite. I love their coloring and spots.

I can see why people join the Audubon society or just get into bird watching in general. If I had more time and could sneak away without a noisy sled dog or three tagging along I could probably really get into it living here where we do but for now I’m happy just to grab shots of all these winged beauties I run across whenever I can, wherever I can. ❤

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