We’re Branching Out (Exciting News!)

I realize that we live a very different lifestyle than most people. Not just the homesteading thing, either. Most people don’t live next to Yellowstone park with a pack of wolves, I mean huskies, or raise their own food (which they then share with the wolves, er, huskies).

And admittedly we do a lot of interesting things, despite my limitations with my health, and we get a ton of good feedback when I do share our adventures here and there. I definitely need to make more sledding videos for our dog sledding channel as some of those are getting thousands of views now and I could make that one profitable if I worked it. And it is work, I’ve learned.

These pups are such characters, they could have a show all to themselves though!

If only people knew what I deal with here! It’s a non-stop sit com.

After realizing how much I enjoy sharing our quirky life with the world, I do plan to put more time and effort into building our different channels/blogs over the coming weeks, months and hopefully years. Not only is it fun but it’s something I can do even though I’m “allergic” to the world I enjoy sharing content with.

Plus, someone has to stay home to manage this zoo we’re running here! 😝

I figure it’s better to split all our quirky hobbies and lifestyle things into different blogs and channels in order to target the niche audiences we’re seeking with our unique content. Right now I have one for mast cell disease, one for dog sledding, one for homesteading (this one), one for mental health and I’m starting one that I’m most excited about because my hubs is joining me in this project.

Woo hoo!

It will focus on my hubby’s other favorite thing which happens to be part of his job, which is car hauling. I don’t talk about his day job but that’s what he does and since COVID lockdowns shut down the company he was working for locally and sent our world for a spin, he’s taken a new job.

A better job.

A dream job hauling high end cars.

Dream cars like this multi-million dollar Bugatti which he sent me a picture of today that he delivered back in August somewhere to someone far, far wealthier than us. πŸ˜„

He handles dozens of rare and expensive cars a week, meets the most interesting people and gets to see the whole country now so we thought we’d share some highlights from his job since it appeals to a huge (HUGE) audience of mostly men who enjoy, well, guy stuff like trucking and rich boy toys. 😁

He has been a car hauler for most of our married life, which is three decades now, and he started out hauling broken down auction cars and moved up to brand new cars but this is pretty much the top of the career ladder for him, as you can imagine. There aren’t many of these enclosed, elite car haulers so it’s a big move upward for us and him and for the company because they absolutely love him already and get tons of great feedback from their customers about how professionally he handles their cars.

One of their customers is Jay Leno and they also do the Pebble Beach Concours event, which is where the most expensive cars in the world are put on show. We’re pretty sure he’ll get to deliver some of the cars for that next summer and many other events like it.

So I’ll update when we launch his new website/channel and I’ll link to all of those projects on my About page soon and I’ll probably do a promo post now and then in case anyone wants to come over and check out what else we’re up to besides what I blog about here. Or if you just like to give constructive criticism, we’ll take that, too! 😘

11 thoughts on “We’re Branching Out (Exciting News!)

  1. I could watch Huskydog TV all day, or scenes from Yellowstone and I do already follow some homesteading/farm/building outbuilding shows on Youtube. In fact, one of the strange niches that’s popular on YouTube right now is just watching someone go off into the woods and build a shelter of some sort. Most of them don’t even talk. I especially like the ones that have the camera (we the viewer) take a break beside them now and then next to a nice fire or watching a river. Extra points if there is a dog(s) hanging out with them. It’s just so relaxing!

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