The Busy Season

Even though everyone has moved out and this is supposed to be the quiet time of our lives, it still feels like I’m running around like mad trying to get everything ready for Christmas! At least I’m not making the news for my insanely detailed Christmas itinerary for everyone, I guess. 😂

I do still find I enjoy fussing over every detail including what I’ll be cooking and baking, when we’ll meet to exchange the gifts we’re giving and especially the decor. I love decorating for Christmas!

I also love to set my tables with a traditional table setting. This year for the little breakfast nook I went with these beautiful gold snowflake placemats, red and gold snowflake napkins and gold, Christmas-themed napkin rings I found at Amazon.

I already had the dishes and silverware, and I’ll add some wine glasses I have, too, when we sit down to eat. If I put them up there now, it’s guaranteed the dogs will bump the table, knock them over and break at least one, ruining my Christmas so I know better. 😄

I’m still trimming my tree, too, and will be right up until Christmas. I like to add new things every year, usually things I make myself, like the oversized jingle ball ornaments I made and added last year…

I’ve been adding more bows with little jingle balls this year and might make some burlap ornaments to mix in, to give it that farmhouse vintage feel.

Speaking of tradition, we’re having a big turkey and a beef roast for Christmas dinner, with all the usual trimmings. I’m going to make a pecan pie and a key lime pie along with a pumpkin pie.

I was going to suggest we all go out to eat somewhere and save me the work but then I remembered how much I love the traditional, “safe” recipes I’ve been collecting. Plus, while I am doing better and can eat out at restaurants now without too much trouble (as long as I take my gastrocrom) I actually prefer the organic, home cooking better. 🙂

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