World Outside My Window: A Room With A View

My living room is my favorite room this time of year. The bay window reminds me of those Victorian row houses in England which I adore. It’s where the Christmas tree goes every year and where I spend all year admiring the view as the seasons change.

And it’s where I feed the birds.

I can’t remember when I first started doing it but one year I decided to throw a little bird seed into the empty coconut shell liners in the flower boxes affixed to the outside of the windows. I was probably cleaning the window and had the screen popped off at the time and did it just for fun but once I saw how happy it made the birds and felt how happy I was to watch them, it turned into a daily ritual and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Especially in winter time. It’s so brutal out there that even I don’t want to venture out, which is why I’m staying close to home and enjoying my little personal wildlife show just outside my windows. This morning our resident squirrel was out, doing acrobatics in the trees gathering everything it could find to “squirrel” away back to its nest.

I have to block the bay window so the dogs can’t get too close and scare the birds off. They are, after all, sworn enemies around here and I’m sure all the birds in the county know the pack’s reputation for hunting anything within reach.

The little birds hide deep down in the viburnum and wait to hear the squeak of the window as it opens and closes. Then one by one, they pop out from their hiding places and soon a dozen or more are taking turns at the feeder.

I’m also using the antique flower cart out in the yard to put seed on when I remember to take some with me out there. I’m thinking of hooking up a wireless camera and setting up a live stream out there on the cart to show all the different birds (and squirrels!) that come throughout the day and night to feed.

Or at least so I can tune in and watch without leaving my cozy, warm bed! 😄

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