Adventures in Photography: Lost Shots

I don’t mean the kind where you miss taking possibly your best picture ever, I mean like when your digital camera’s memory card suddenly errors in the middle of snapping photos (?!) then dies and nothing you do seems to revive it.

Sigh. It was the card I used on our last trip to the Tetons, and it had some amazing pictures from the last few months on it in general. I used to faithfully back my photos from the cards onto my hard drives but I hadn’t done it in awhile, which means I lost quite a bit.

So I’m pretty bummed about it. It’s almost like losing a warehouse full of your paintings or something. I have my cell phone to take pics with but it’s not near as good as using my Canon. I do have another memory card here that I can use but I’ll be starting fresh as it’s blank.

I’m not sure what to do to try and retrieve the files from the other card, but I’ll keep trying.

In the meantime, I have to head to town on the icy roads to do some shopping and to test my patience with humanity because as a virtual hermit, it’s good to do that once in awhile. 😄

It’s better than having my patience tested by technology at the moment…

7 thoughts on “Adventures in Photography: Lost Shots

  1. I had that happen one year when we went to Mardi Gras. It was a family trip with my daughter, her husband, and their children. I had some fantastic shots of St. Charles Street the day after the big parade. I never was able to get them back. Good luck with your adventure to the store.

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    1. Oh no! That’s kind of how I feel. I doubt I’ll be able to save mine, either. Luckily I did grab quite a few of the best ones and have them here on my blog but there were so many of our anniversary trip that I still wanted to save! I guess it just means we have to go back over the mountain and do a retake…

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