Adventures in Cooking: Trying Something New

I have a sugar cookie recipe that I’ve been using for years and years. I’m not sure where I got it from and while it’s nothing fancy, it does make delicious cookies. It’s the same recipe that I used on the ones I made last night…

Some were plain sugar, some had cinnamon and some had peppermint chips (I love those things!) and they all came out super yummy and delicious. We finished them off before they had time to completely cool off.

But part of that is because these cookies don’t stay soft for long and by the next day are pretty hard which is why I think this year I’m going to try to find a new sugar cookie recipe. I keep meaning to find a replacement and just haven’t done it so I figured why not now?

So I did some research and I picked a couple out to try.

This one uses powdered sugar instead of granulated.

This one gets a ton of good reviews.

This one actually isn’t for me, it’s for the pups and it doesn’t have sugar (but it does have sweet potatoes and peanut butter!).

Since I have a ton of bulk baking ingredients (including sweet potatoes and peanut butter) that I’ve been stocking up in the pantry and which needs to be used up before it’s (real) expiration date is up, I figure I can use some for experimenting with different recipes for us and at the same time I can use up a lot of it making homemade treats for the pack.

After all, it is Christmas and they have been good boys and girls.

Well, mostly. 😉

Anyway, I’ll post my results when I’m done trying the new recipes.

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