You Can Almost Hear the Snow Fall

If you live where it snows, and chances are you do, you’ll probably relate to the fact that some mornings are so eerily quiet in winter that if you stop and listen, you can almost hear the snow falling. It’s such a magical thing to witness because it’s not every snow day that it happens. Just a blessed few.

Usually those mornings are interrupted by the pups yipping and happy howling for me here but I got a taste of it last night when I went out to do the final checking on everyone.

I went out the front door and took the long way and I also took my time out there soaking it in while the moon was full and the Christmas decorations hadn’t been turned on yet. They looked haunting covered in snow…

The snowflake solar walkway lights came on by themselves and seem to be doing well, despite being almost buried in fresh snow.

They aren’t very bright but they are pretty.

This morning I did get a small taste of that magical, winter stillness when I snuck out the front door and went around that way again instead of straight out the back door to the dogs.

For a few moments, as I slowly made my way around the house, it was so quiet I probably could have heard the snow fall but by the time I finished my coffee, got dressed in all my snow gear, got undressed to pee, filled the coffee cup back up again, got redressed in my snow gear and then dealt with twenty things that sidetracked me… it had already stopped snowing. 😣

It looked pretty out there though!

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