Hunkering Down Until Spring!

We have a heavy winter storm watch through the weekend which is telling us to prepare for a few inches of snow and bad roads so our weekend will be spent staying in, hunkering down and doing a few inside things.

The wind is already howling and it’s snowing pretty good so today I’m working on transferring my baking supplies into jars for easier storage and because they look pretty.

Thanks to the hubs a few more of our outdoor Christmas decorations went up before the snow really started to come down.

And I got my winter wreath moved safely behind the glass storm door to protect it from the weather.

The problem with that is then it rubs against the paint on my door but I suppose that’s better than having it blow off to the next county!

Speaking of the next county over, I wanted to make plans to spend New Year’s over in Jackson because they do the fireworks and cool torch light ski run down the mountains plus a ton of celebrations going on all over town but with the weather the way it is, I might have to just look at the pictures from our last trip and be happy with that until spring!

I think we’re getting too old to be that adventurous. 😄

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