Scaredy Cats

Sometimes I feel like we’ve replaced our human children for eternal toddlers who, like their human counterparts, have no clue just how adorably annoying they can be to us grown ups.

The pack kept erupting into chaos yesterday at around sundown and since we knew they were adequately exercised and had lots of treats and attention, we were convinced there was a dog or another critter (maybe that black faced sheep was back?) in the yard stirring them up. Yet every time we went to check on them the only thing we could see was the neighbor’s Christmas decorations across the street all lit up.

We couldn’t convince them that there was no imminent danger so we finally brought the nosiest of them inside and showed them out the window that they were safe and it was just some silly lights, like our own in the front yard and like the other neighbors down the street they couldn’t see from their pens. But immediately upon seeing a sea of Christmas snowmen and trees and glowing presents and blow up Santas and reindeer, lots and lots of reindeer, chaos ensued again.

Big babies.

By now it was well past everyone’s bedtime so Dad decided to distract them with some oatmeal cookies which worked brilliantly…

People often forget just how well bribery works when all else fails. That goes for people and pets.

They each had some little nibbles and forgot all about the scary, glowing monsters that had invaded the neighborhood. Then we curled up and went to sleep in a giant pile on the bed, unable to move around much but secure in knowing that there would be peace in the valley.

How was your Monday evening? 😄

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