The Price of Eggs

I see people mention the price of eggs in comments around the internet but I honestly haven’t looked at the price of eggs in a very long time. I also hardly ever run out of eggs. In fact, I’m usually trying to think of things to cook or bake to use some up because I have so many!

Even now we have the lights on in the coop for our layers, although we do give them time off now and then during the winter the way nature intended it.

When we do collect eggs, I either dehydrate or freeze some and stock up. Of course we share plenty with the pups but I use them almost daily in the kitchen and for cooking I prefer the frozen ones.

Well, I prefer fresh, which is why we use the lighting in winter but I did consider that to be a bit unfair to the girls and thought about just giving them all winter off.

Then I read that egg prices are up 266% which sounds extreme! So I thought I’d check the prices today to see what all the fuss is about and I was a bit shocked to see that a dozen of large, brown eggs like the ones my girls lay are $4.99. Wow! We are getting a dozen and a half every two days and it is costing us around $25 a week in feed, electricity and straw.

So if you average it out, we are getting an average of 5 dozen eggs a week which puts the cost almost exactly even.

We’re not doing this for the cost, really, but for the nutrition and because we love the suburban homesteader lifestyle. In fact, I wish we could take things up another notch and expand our gardens to be more than half the property but we’ll see. After last year’s rather dismal heat wave I’m actually not looking forward to gardening season for a change.

I’m sure that will change after a few weeks of collecting eggs in this weather though… 😄

7 thoughts on “The Price of Eggs

  1. We buy 60eggs at a time pretty much weekly. They were $6 in 2020, $8 last year and now the last I checked (today for grocery pickup) the same pack is $19 at Walmart… my husband eats 5-6 a day by himself and I have 3 kids and myself… I told him we need chickens.

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    1. Wow, so eggs really have went up there! I can’t remember what we paid years ago before the chickens but I want to say it was less than $3 a dozen for sure. You should get chickens, they are so fun. It’s been six years now of having our layers and I love it. The exercise walking out to get more eggs from the coop and tending to them helps burn off the calories from all the stuff I bake using their eggs lol. Your kids would probably enjoy helping to keep chickens.

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      1. My mom has chickens and my girls adore them. My goal for the winter is to clean out a space for the coop in the back wooded side of our yard and then build a coop so I can get chicks in the spring. We are only allowed 5 in our locality since we are suburban but that will help some.

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  2. My husband is a physician here in north Alabama. He has a patient who has chickens. When this gentleman comes in for his appointments he gives us a dozen eggs. They taste way better than store bought. What a blessing it is to have your own chickens and we are blessed by this gentleman’s generosity:)

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  3. I’m glad your hens are doing good producing so many eggs, that’s awesome! Your flock is so pretty too 🙂 Our girls have hit laying age finally, but with it being winter right now I don’t see them laying till spring lol

    We buy the 60 count box of eggs from Walmart and they have officially hit $22?! They were $4.98 at the start of the year.. 😓


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