Making Merry

I’m not sure why WordPress is obsessed with asking me personal questions lately, like how I feel about eating meat and whether or not I’m a night person, but it’s getting creepy now. I hope it does know I’m happily married. πŸ˜„πŸ€¨

Speaking of handsome, handy hubbies, mine has been busy helping me do heavy lifting and cleaning and also helping me decorate some more while tolerating my seemingly endless need for more holiday cheer. We managed to get some of the big ornaments out on the pine tree near the Grinch before the snow really started coming down hard.

I had hoped to get this little solar powered light pole in the ground but we’ll have to get to it later, if we can. We’re supposed to be getting quite a bit of snow the next few days.

I have quite a few more things to add, but I’m not sure we’ll be able to because of the weather. Still, I am grateful to have a spouse who doesn’t mind humoring me and I did reward him with some homemade pumpkin bread and this yummy hot chocolate with candy cane flavor and a shot of Bailey’s Irish Creme in it.

I will probably post the recipe to this hot chocolate in a separate post later. It’s made from scratch and it’s delicious!! The taste of the Bailey’s goes perfectly with the flavor of the candy cane and it’s a great way to warm up for an afternoon of snuggling up with the pups and enjoying watching the snow fall out the window together.

Hope you’re having a happy Sunday, too! ⛄❄

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