Freeze Frame?

Remember the old days when we had to drop off our film to be processed at one of those one hour Fotomat drive through kiosk thingies and that felt like it was fast and modern and we were spoiled?

By my early adulthood those days were gone and we had our own photo printer right at home in our office. Then we got sick of paying a small fortune for ink only to have it go bad because eventually we didn’t use it enough anymore. So then at some point we packed it away and finally eventually got rid of the printer altogether and just started using our local print shop. They are really good and low cost and helps to keep a local business in business so we’re happy with that choice.

I’ll be using their services again soon because I’m turning a few of my photos into framed prints. The rest are getting either filed away or deleted because I have to free up room on my hard drives!

It’s hard to decide what to keep and what not to, and what to memorialize by framing and hanging up, but I really love this one because it looks so moody and actually looks like a painting without doing much at all in my photo editing program:

It’s just a random shot I took last month in the late evening in my sewing room. I’ve rearranged that room since so it doesn’t even look like that anymore, which I like even more because it’s a snapshot in time that is long since passed now.

So that’s on my short list along with a ton of flower and garden pictures I want to print out in various sizes.

A couple wildlife ones made the cut, mostly the swans because they’re my absolute favorite. I did add a canvas filter to this next one because it’s a great shot of a big bull moose from last week. He’s just a bit too far away and blurry.

I think my favorites of those types of photos (where I edit them to look like I painted them) are the landscape ones like this barn we found tucked up in a little valley…

That one almost looks like Bob Ross painted it! 😄

The problem with these is I end up making copies of the originals and now they’re taking up even more room on my hard drive until I decide what to actually do with them. Still, it’s better this way. Sometimes I’m glad I don’t have a printer and have to go a bit out of my way to make framed prints of my favorite photos because no doubt the house would be filled from top to bottom at this point!

Hmm, I wonder what the hubs would think about turning the downstairs family room into a gallery of sorts… 🤔😄

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