Happy Pawlidays!

Even though we’re empty nesters whose kids have long since stopped believing in Santa, it doesn’t mean we aren’t keeping the spirit of Christmas alive. Plus, we have four-legged kids who are expecting lots of presents under the tree.

This year we added a few new fun things, like the Grinch out front pulling the lights off the house…

I found these oversized tree ornaments at Michael’s to put out on the big outdoor pine tree behind him as soon as the weather allows. Until then, they look great sitting under the indoor tree.

It’s hard to convey just how big they are but believe me, they are BIG! I wanted a Whoville look all around him and I think these will do.

I found a few more things at LTD Commodities that I couldn’t resist, like this “Happy Pawlidays” sign:

I have to stop buying stuff now though because we are running out of room to store it all. Hopefully the kids will come clean out all of their things sitting in my storage shed so I can use it finally.

That would actually be a great Christmas present! 😄

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