Adventures in Photography: More Swans At Sunset

Even though we’ve been busy with the holiday stuff, I’m still finding time to grab my camera each evening just in time for the swans to do their nightly fly-bys.

It can take a while for them to really come by in numbers so I usually grab a cup of coffee and sit near the south facing dining room window upstairs, blinds pulled wide open to get the best view, watching the sunset paint its way across the sky It’s when it’s at its peak of beauty that the flocks of swans will begin passing by in droves.

They’ve changed their course a bit and some are now flying in pretty low and directly over our house…

They zip by so fast it’s hard to capture them! I changed my camera setting to “sports” mode and that helped. I just have to hold the button down and aim as best I can as they zoom by, hoping one or two good shots come out of the burst.

A lot of them are still flying a good half mile away, but with the sunset as a backdrop they look so regal…

They fly so smoothly, too, unlike the frantic, circling herons who sounded like a flock of overgrown seagulls. Or the ducks that flap their wings so much they look like they’ve just escaped the asylum.

Even the geese aren’t quite as graceful as these swans in flight…

They do sound similar, though. Some of them seem to notice me hanging halfway out the upstairs window to snap photos of them and honk (or rather trumpet) as they pass, as if to give their approval of my noticing them.

I do love the cozy little break they force me to take if I want good photos of them. 🙂

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